Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pity Party Over.

It has been awhile since I last posted, and I have been in a slump.  My room is a mess. I have been consuming large amounts of Taco Bell.  I lay in bed all day on the weekends.  I am heavier than I have ever been before. I haven't been motivated at work or school.

I moved to Colorado almost 8 months ago and am not feeling very settled here which I think is a large part of the problem. I don't have any close friends except my roommate and rarely go anywhere but my apartment or work. Flat out, I am lonely. Worse than being lonely, I am letting this loneliness and self-pity consume me. I am allowing my loneliness to justify every poor decision I make.

So starting today, I am ending this pity party.  I am going to get involved in something, anything. I don't know what that something is, but I am going to find it. My fridge is stocked with healthy and delicious food, and I am going to eat that instead of Taco Bell. I used to love working out so I am going to get back in that habit, even if it is just a brisk walk every day. I need to feel my heart pumping and feel alive.

I need to make this place my new home.  I am going to focus on the positives. If you would like to follow along on Twitter, I am going to post one positive thing about my day, every day.

Have you ever struggled to make friends after a move? Do you have any suggestions for activities I should get involved in?


  1. I have definitely struggled with this! I moved back to my home town back in August, but all of my friends had left. I moved in with my parents and for about 3-4 months, my life consisted of laying in bed, searching for a job, eating dinner with my parents. I was lonely, I was depressed, I hardly worked out, I cried... a lot! lol I was miserable. I finally came to the realization that I need to accept the place I'm at and embrace it. I started going to church, even if it was by myself - it got me out of the house. I started looking for "meet ups", even though i don't have any near me because I live in Mississippi, you could check the meetups website and see if there is anything that interests you. I would suggest that taking group exercise classes will help push you to meet people and/or just get out of the house and not be lazy. I completely understand where you're at though - I was there and although I still struggle with those feelings from time to time, I've embraced where I am and I'm beginning to enjoy life a lot more. I can't tell you it's all going to work out perfectly or you'll get over it - we all move at our own pace. I hope you get through this slump soon, but it's going to be on your own time and of your own doing - looks like you're making a great start though! :)

  2. This is so tough. I've moved several times in the past few years and making friends in a new city is SO much easier said than done. Where are you in Colorado? I feel like I've seen a lot of bloggers from the Front Range, maybe you could see if they have any meetups near you? Or, is there an alumni association for your college in your city? I've heard some friends have met a lot of great girls through Junior League, in my city it's kind of expensive to join but maybe worth it if you have the time to dedicate. Good luck!