Thursday, July 25, 2013

Running Through My Head

I didn't think my life could get any crazier, but it has.  I moved out of my sublease today.  I literally packed up my things in less than two hours and have moved in somewhere else temporarily.  I am absolutely exhausted.  So today, I am just going to write a what is running through my brain as it comes.

-I am craving ice cream.  I have had so many cravings for it in the past few weeks.  No matter how much ice cream I eat I still want more.  Any ideas on how to stop these cravings?  And writing about it just makes me want it more.  Don't even act like chocolate peanut butter ice cream does not sound amazeballs right now.

-Automatic lights are convenient. I am fascinated that whenever I walk into my new room the lights turn on.  It makes me feel like a royalty or something.  And I can walk into my room with my hands full, and my lights magically turn on.  Or I am laying on my bed getting ready for a nap, and the lights turn off like they know that I need to sleep.  Seriously, go invest in some!

-I hadn't been able to eat much for the past two days, but today I finally got my appetite back.  I was driving past a Chili's on my way home and decided to stop.  I had their California Grilled Chicken Flatbread.  It was so good.  I could eat it every single day for the next year without any complaints.  Go through and try it, you will not be disappointed.

-I just noticed a downside to a touchscreen computer.  When a bug is crawling across your screen, and you try to kill it, you will accidentally press some buttons and your computer will freak out.

-Do I use too many commas?  I feel like my sentences have a lot of commas, but I think I am  following the rules of proper English.  Maybe I should sit in on a middle school English class and get a refresher.

-I need sleep.  Sorry for this rambling post and congrats if you have made it this far.  Also, sorry for the lack of pictures.  I have pure fatigue right now.  I promise to do better once my life gets back on track!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Focusing On The Positives

Going MIA seems to be a hobby of mine recently, sorry about that!  But some unsettling things have happened in my life in the last 40 hours.  I will hopefully be able to share some day, but I am not quite ready yet!  So today, I want to focus on the positive things in my life!

one. I am surrounded by people who love and support me, in everywhere possible.  Whether they be family, boyfriend, friends, and sisters.  They are all here for me when I need them.

We all need a support sytem!


two. Home made salsa.  I just made some delicious salsa!  It is definitely worth the 4 hours I spent cutting the veggies.  I need to get one of those choppy, spinning things for it. (I know that isn't helpful, but I don't know their real name).

I love making homemade salsa.  It is easy, delicious, and healthy!

three. Harry Potter.  I know I am about ten years behind, but I am just reading Harry Potter right now, and I am loving it!  Why did I not read these as a kid?  I cannot put these books down.

How am I just now reading Harry Potter?

four. Science. NERD ALERT!  I know this a weird one, but I am thankful for science and my job/school.  It provides a great escape for everything.  I can get lost for hours in an experiment.

Bill Nye the science guy

And that's all I have for today.  I am sure that there are plenty of other things that are making me happy right now, but I am tired.  Anyways, happy Wednesday!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Instagram Recap Week 2

Sorry I have been MIA lately.  I have had a busy few days!  The boyfriend flew out of town, a whole semi truck full of things  for my work came that needed to be unpacked, and I was feeling under the weather.  But here I am back in action.

Today, I am once again I am just going to share some Instagram pictures from last week.  I didn't take too many pictures this week, but I have lots Instas of watching the sunset and reading!

Rainy Sunset View of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Sunset Fort Collins, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Sunset in Fort Collins, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Sunset Fort Collins, CO
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Caprese Salad

Linking up with Sarah at Pearls & Curls.

Pearls and Curls
I hope you are having a splendid weekend!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why A Gregarious Mess?

I realized that I have yet to explain why I named my blog "A Gregarious Mess", so I am going to take this post to do explain it.  I am going to break and down word by word and seeing as there is only two words, this shouldn't take long.

First up: Gregarious.

So I don't like big words at all, and I actually had no idea what gregarious met the first time few times I heard it.  My co-worker repeatedly described me as gregarious, and I honestly thought it was a bad thing so I was afraid to look it up, but when I did I was pleasantly surprised.  Gregarious means fond of company or sociable which describes me pretty well.

After learning the meaning of gregarious and knowing I wanted to blog, they seemed like the perfect fit. I am very sociable, and I was about to embark on a journey across the country where I was going to need to be gregarious so it made sense.

Last up: Mess

Plain and simple my life is a mess.  I like to think of it as a beautiful mess but nonetheless a mess.  As my mom says, "There is never a dull moment when you're Alexandra" and she is completely right.  A little less than a year ago, I was settled in my house in Ohio and was planning to live there for about the next 5 years.  Less than 5 months later, I was planning to move to Colorado.  Nothing is ever as straight forward and easy as it seems, but that just seems to be how my life goes.

So there you have it.  That is why I am A Gregarious Mess!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lazy Weekend

I did not have an exciting weekend, but that is not always a bad thing.  Sometimes you just need to have time to relax and gather yourself.

On Saturday morning, I got up and started my day with the farmers market.  I was able to get all of these veggies for only $10.  Seriously?  I am not even sure if I will eat it all in a week.  But at least they are pretty healthy so it won't be so bad if I binge on them.  I mean I haven't already eaten seven tomatoes.

Farmers Market Vegetables in Fort Collins, Colorado

I then ran to the thrift store to browse.  I was able to find 3 shirts, a scarf, and a dress that is going to need some remodeling.  Also, how come I am just now discovering head scarves?  They do amazing things for my thick and frizzy hair.

Finds at Arc Thrift Store in Fort Collins, Colorado
I got these three shirts for just under $8!

Saturday night was spent laying in my bed eating tomatoes and watching Netflix.  You don't have to tell me how cool I am.

Sunday was another lazy day spent going to church, writing letters, reading and watching Netflix.  Hopefully next weekend brings some more excitement!

What did you do this weekend?

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Instagram Recap Week 1

Sorry I have been MIA lately.  I have had a busy few days!  The boyfriend flew out of town, a whole semi truck full of things  for my work came that needed to be unpacked, and I was feeling under the weather.  But here I am back in action.

Today I am participating in a link-up hosted by Sarah at Pearls & Curls.  I am just going to recap my week in a few Instagram pictures.  If you follow me on Instagram, sorry if you have already seen these!

Over the past week, I have rediscovered my love for grapes!  Cold grapes are the perfect snack on a hot day.


Last weekend, I was in Wyoming, and we ate at this cute little restaurant, The Chuck wWgon.  It was delicious food which I gobbled up before I could take a picture.  But they had these humor books at the table for reading.  The titles were funny as were the books!

Ben Goode books at the Chuck Wagon in Laramie, Wyoming

We went to church while in Laramie.  I don't know what it is, but I love going to church in different places.

St Laurence OToole Catholic Church in Laramie, Wyoming

I was the prisoner for the day at Wyoming Territorial Prison!  You can go ahead and call me Gertie.

Prisoner of the Day at Wyoming State Territorial Prison
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And the only picture I have from this week, my lunch outside on Friday.  But don't let me kid you, I am not normally that healthy!

Lunch at Colorado State Unviersity
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I hope you are having a great weekend!

Pearls and Curls

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Current Obsessions

 photo fourfavorites0705_zpse64b4bb5.png

1. Starbucks Iced Coffee. Seriously this stuff is so good.  Right now the vanilla flavor is my favorite, but I have not tried the caramel yet.  But once I try it, that will probably be my favorite! I used to love the Starbucks Frappucinos in the bottle, but I like these 20x more!  They aren't as sweet and are half the calories.

2. Bobble Water Bottle. I love my Bobble.  I am one of those people who takes her water bottle everywhere.  I am constantly drinking out of it.  I am funny about how my water tastes so the filter is wonderful.  It ensures that I can fill up my water bottle pretty much anywhere.

3. Pilates. Prior to moving, I was obsessed with Pilates.  I was able to take it for free at the University Rec Center which made it much more budget friendly.  The Rec Center at my new university does not offer Pilates classes, so I need to try to find a studio somewhere that isn't too crazy expensive!  I am thinking about trying a workout DVD, have you tried a Pilates workout DVD? Is it anything like the actual class?

4. Taco Bell Loaded Potato Grillers. These are so bad for me, but so good.  It is bacon, potato, cheese, and sour cream.  There is no way that can be bad!  The real dangerous part about these is that they are only $1 each when you buy them during happy hour.  Seriously, go try them now!

What are you currently obsessing over lately?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend in Wyoming

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I headed up to Laramie, Wyoming for a short little getaway.  He currently lives in Indiana, and we are doing the long distance thing.  So when he comes to visit, I like to do fun things with him.

Our mini vacation was pretty spontaneous.  I just looked at a map and looked for a city that wasn't too far away and if a quick Google search indicated that there was something to do there then that's where we headed.  Laramie was great for a short visit.  We had plenty of things to do, but we also were not so overwhelmed that we couldn't relax.

Downtown Laramie, Wyoming

one. Downtown Laramie - Laramie has such a cute little downtown area filled with shops and restaurants.  It almost feels like you are stepping back in time.  There are few chain stores here so it was really fun to explore the cute shops.
two. Train yard - Near downtown there is a train yard.  I may be weird, but I think that trains are really cool.  You could get on a bridge and walk over the train yard and watch the trains moving about.
three. & four.  There were these two really cool murals that we found while we were exploring.  We found them painted on the sides of the buildings, but didn't know why they were done or who the artist was.

On Saturday, we went on a hike in Medicine Bow National Forest.  We had picked out a trail to hike, but when we got there we couldn't find the trail so we just winged it on a different trail, and it was great (well except for the fact that we forgot about bug spray)!

Tie City Trailhead in Medicine Bow National Park near Laramie, Wyoming

one.  We couldn't find the right trail head initially, but this one worked out great!
two. As we were hiking, we stumbled upon this beautiful pond.
three.  There was an outhouse along the trail that I doubt is in use, and I thought it was really pretty how it was nestled in the forest.  Maybe it is odd that I took a picture, but oh well.
four. I found this prairie of flowers to be gorgeous!  There were red, yellow, and purple flowers all growing together!
five. Not sure who made this teepee, but it was a good photo op.
six. I think rocks are cool, especially when they have things growing on them.  Maybe this is the science nerd in me coming out.
seven. A snapshot of the trail.
eight. These blue butterflies were gorgeous and were perfectly posing for me to get a picture.
nine. The view from the trail head.

On Sunday before heading home, we headed to the Wyoming Territorial Prison.  The prison has been closed since 1903.  I wasn't sure how fun it would be, but I loved it and would definitely go back again!

Wyoming Territorial Prison in Laramie, Wyoming

one. The outside of the prison.  When the prison was fully functional, it actually did look like this.
two. When you go through the museum, you are given an inmate and then when your tour is over, you find out what happens to you.  I was Gertie Smith.  I was paroled shortly after entering the prison because I was pregnant, and the warden didn't want to have to deal with child birth.  I date later in the year during childbirth.  I am not sure if that is karma or not, but either way that is pretty tragic stuff.
three. Just in the prison buggy heading to jail.
four. The prisoners made brooms as a way to help finance the prison.  They have a replica of the factory where you can learn all about broom making.
five. I found this old chapel to be very pretty.  It was a tiny little church with only about 10  pews inside!
six. They had a cute little general store that was modeled after the late 1800s.  It wasn't part of the prison, but it was there to show us what life was like at the time.
seven. The inside of the prison.  There were two people to these small cells.  The prisoners only got out for hard labor and were not allowed to speak to each other.  Not even to their cell mates!
eight. They also had a ranch home that had been preserved from the 1900s.  I was really cool to see how life used to be lived.
nine. I was a happy prisoner?

Anyways, I had a busy but fun weekend.  I hope you had a great weekend too!

Also, how much does work suck after a long weekend?

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fourth of July Recap

I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July! Because I am exhausted from the past few days, this post is going to be filled with pictures. My day was spent at beach in the mountains with lots of snacks and gas station hot dogs.

 photo 20130704_141946_zps19ededd9.jpg

 photo 20130704_163330_zpsf2513d2f.jpg

 After the beach, I headed home for small cook out at my house complete with Jello shots.

 photo IMG_20130704_210022_zps8c60623f.jpg

And finished the day by watching the city's fireworks which started 45 minutes late!  As I have mentioned before, fireworks are my favorite part of the Fourth of July so sorry for the overload of firework pictures. I love the gold ones that look like a willow tree, but I couldn't get a good picture of them!

 photo 20130704_222922_zpsb8c20eb3.jpg

 photo 20130704_222949_zps1125fa1a.jpg

 photo 20130704_223031_zps974b2322.jpg

 photo 20130704_2235080_zps4e44c74e.jpg

 photo 20130704_223525_zps6aa94a0c.jpg

What did you do for the Fourth of July?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Goodbye Brad Stevens!

 photo stevns2_zps758feca0.jpg

If you follow me on Twitter, this may be old news.  Butler's basketball coach was recruited and hired by the Boston Celtics on Wednesday.  As a Butler basketball fan and alumni, this makes me sad.  But thankfully, I got to spend my four years at Butler with Brad as the head coach, two of which we went to the NCAA National Championship game.

 photo bradstevens_zps9d0504bc.gif
How I feel about Brad leaving.

If you don't know who Brad Stevens is or why he is great, let me attempt to tell you with 5 simple reasons.

 1. He is only 35 and attractive.
 2. He has lead the team to two NCAA Championship games.
 3. He never had less than 22 wins in his 6 seasons at Butler.
 4. He worked his way up to being Butler's head coach for seven years!
 5. He is classy. Watch the end of the Gonzaga final shot video.  Everybody celebrates at the end, and  Stevens just walks to the opposing bench and shakes hands.  He is the one standing nearest to the scoring table with his arms crossed on the left side.

6. Bonus! He is also fun. What other coach jump chest bumps with his players? Yep, nobody else.

 photo celebration_zps27373f1e.jpg
Seriously, isn't he fun.

Anyways, I am sure that I didn't do him justice.  I doubt I will ever be able to.  If you are really interested, check out this article.

 photo stevens_zpsa48cb968.jpg

Wednesday was a sad day to be a Butler fan, but I wish Coach Stevens good luck with the Celtics!  I guess I will have to become an NBA fan now. Go Celtics!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 4th of July

 photo usagif_zps9b0c95db.gif


Before I start my throwback,  I would like to thank all of the service men and women who are serving our country and allowing me to celebrate such a wonderful holiday.  I would especially like to thank the members of my family for their dedication. Thank you for living in lonely places (ahem: North Dakota), sacrificing time with your family, and giving up your weekends so that I can be free!  I love you all!

allen and i photo allenandi_zps1608353f.jpg
A little throwback of my cousin and I to after our high school graduation (circa 2008).
We are only a day apart in age.  I am very proud of you, Allen!
And now for Throwback Thursday!

 photo tbtlifeofbon_zps2c858b3d.jpg
For this week's Throwback Thursday link up with Life of Bon the topic is about the 4th of July because obviously it is the Fourth of July.

 I love the 4th of July for two main reasons. One) it is perfectly acceptable to wear red, white, and blue from head to toe and two) the FIREWORKS!  I would love to light off fireworks every single day, but people seem to frown upon lighting off fireworks in the middle of October.

 photo fireworks_zpsfba90baa.gif

I have watched fireworks in all kinds of different capacities. I have gone to a family barbecue and set off our own fireworks, watched Milwaukee's fireworks over Lake Michigan, sit on top of a parking garage in Indianapolis with a bottle of wine and popcorn, and watched from the car as I drove home from work.  Though I have watched fireworks in many different ways, my favorite was sitting on top our roof in Hawaii and watching the fireworks over the bay. We lived near the top of a ridge so we could see really well, no houses blocking our view!

 photo 4thofJuly2_zpse0bc8bf6.jpg
Family and fireworks makes for a great 4th!

We made tons of different pupus (appetizers) and climbed up to the roof and just relaxed.  My cousin and her husband were visiting so it was a very celebration, but sometimes family is all you need.  The worst part about it was that our rough was made of stucco tiles so your butt got sore after awhile, even with a seating pad!

 photo 4thofJuly1_zps94e55f17.jpg

The other really cool part about the Fourth of July in Hawaii is that many families have parties at their houses and light off their own fireworks, even in the city.  So even after the professional fireworks are done, you can still watch fireworks for hours!  

This is all pretty cool, except when it is the middle of a drought and the grass is really dry and residents are lighting off full sized aerial fireworks in a valley in a neighborhood with the houses very close together.  Can you see where this is going?

The year that we watched from the rooftop, a large fire started on the ridge across from our house.  We could see the fire coming up the backside of the ridge and then watched it come up and over the top of the ridge.

 photo 4thofJuly3_zpsa6cdfc7f.jpg

This picture does not do it justice.  My brother and I slept outside until the fire was put out because we were worried it would make its way up our ridge.  It lasted until 3-4am and took multiple fire departments to put it out.  Thankfully nobody got hurt from the fire.  However, that year there were so many fires, Hawaii put stricter restrictions on fireworks and the non-professional firework shows decreased in awesomeness (but increased in safety).

What is your favorite way to watch the fireworks? Do you have a Fourth of July tradition?

Happy Fourth of July!

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Where have I been?

I'm back!

 photo missing_zps66bed37e.jpg

Maybe you have missed me and maybe you haven't but either way, I am back to this blogging business! I have a semi-legitimate excuse for my absence.  I have moved from Ohio to Colorado over the past two weeks!

There was lots of goodbye, packing, moving, unpacking, and settling.  But I am in Colorado now and am getting settled.  I would just like to say that I aboslutely hate moving!  It is likely because I have too much stuff, but nonetheless I hate it.

 photo IMG_20130627_181024_zpse9e02b87.jpg
Please note my dad's disgusted look at all my stuff.

Also, I am not too fond of driving across Iowa.  I could handle Nebraska, but I did not like Iowa.  I will likely be flying back to Wisconsin  to visit family instead of driving unless here is an extreme need for me to drive.

 photo 20130628_125831_zps0c9c3198.jpg

I would also like to add that actual road trips are never as fun as I think that they are in my head!

 photo 20130628_095924_zpsc40cd376.jpg
Highlight of the trip: Befriending the Kum & Go social media representative on Twitter.

I am sad to have had to leave Columbus, but am very happy to begin my new adventure!  I will be posting about what I did during in my hiatus in the coming weeks.

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