Thursday, July 25, 2013

Running Through My Head

I didn't think my life could get any crazier, but it has.  I moved out of my sublease today.  I literally packed up my things in less than two hours and have moved in somewhere else temporarily.  I am absolutely exhausted.  So today, I am just going to write a what is running through my brain as it comes.

-I am craving ice cream.  I have had so many cravings for it in the past few weeks.  No matter how much ice cream I eat I still want more.  Any ideas on how to stop these cravings?  And writing about it just makes me want it more.  Don't even act like chocolate peanut butter ice cream does not sound amazeballs right now.

-Automatic lights are convenient. I am fascinated that whenever I walk into my new room the lights turn on.  It makes me feel like a royalty or something.  And I can walk into my room with my hands full, and my lights magically turn on.  Or I am laying on my bed getting ready for a nap, and the lights turn off like they know that I need to sleep.  Seriously, go invest in some!

-I hadn't been able to eat much for the past two days, but today I finally got my appetite back.  I was driving past a Chili's on my way home and decided to stop.  I had their California Grilled Chicken Flatbread.  It was so good.  I could eat it every single day for the next year without any complaints.  Go through and try it, you will not be disappointed.

-I just noticed a downside to a touchscreen computer.  When a bug is crawling across your screen, and you try to kill it, you will accidentally press some buttons and your computer will freak out.

-Do I use too many commas?  I feel like my sentences have a lot of commas, but I think I am  following the rules of proper English.  Maybe I should sit in on a middle school English class and get a refresher.

-I need sleep.  Sorry for this rambling post and congrats if you have made it this far.  Also, sorry for the lack of pictures.  I have pure fatigue right now.  I promise to do better once my life gets back on track!


  1. I think I legit need to start a mental rambling journal. I have so many of these running thoughts and I can't keep track!

  2. Aw! I hope whatever's going on in your life settles down soon and you can get some rest. Nothing like being exhausted to really make you feel like a crazy person.