Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Very Harry Christmas

I never read Harry Potter growing up (what the heck was I thinking?), but his summer I decided to start reading from the beginning.  I am in LOVE.  I talk about it all the time and have even named my fish, Dumbledore.  So obviously for Christmas this year, I need ALL things Harry Potter.  Here are some of the things that would bring a huge smile to my face.

1. A Wand, obviously from Ollivanders.

 photo wand_zps6a6802b9.gif

Any good witch or wizard needs a wand.  This wand will be my first step towards becoming a witch. I wouldn't mind a unicorn tail hair in my wand either.

3. My own knit sweater from Mrs. Weasley.

 photo sweater_zps8ab47159.gif

A nice deep purple would be a lovely color for me, but really anything from Mrs. Weasley would make my heart happy.

2. Chocolate Frogs.

 photo dumbledore_zps0904183a.gif

I need the Dumbledore card that comes inside.  There is a candy shop near me that sells them, but I have only gotten two cards so far.  Silly Lockhart and some famous band. Clearly not on par with Dumbledore.

4. Ravenclaw Paraphernalia.

 photo ravenclaw_zps12502726.gif

I have taken more online quizzes than I can count, and I almost always get Ravenclaw.  I am pretty sure I would bffls with Luna anyways. So I need some accessories to support my house! A scarf would be the logical first choice, but really anything will do.  Also, this card is perfect.

5. A Trip to Harry Potter World or London or Both.

 photo hogwards_zpsd3581956.gif

I am dying to go to Harry Potter world so I can do all the Harry Potter things and drink butterbeer until I am sick.  If I went to London, I could head to Platform 9 3/4s and do the Harry Potter museum tour.

P.S. Has anybody seen the Harry Potter monopoly?  I saw it on Pinterest the other day and just discovered it wasn't real. So, so sad.


  1. Don't hate me, but I spent New Year's two years ago at HP World in Orlando, and I'll be kicking 2014 off at the HP Studios in London ;)

  2. I can't believe that you haven't read Harry Potter before! I grew up with it! :') I had a secret crush on Draco Malfoy while everyone else was fawning over Harry ;) I like the bad boys. I'm dying to see the HP Studios in London!

  3. Nice post! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. xx