Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are you going to vote?

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If you read the title and have no idea what I am talking about, that is okay.  I didn't even realize that there was voting this year (maybe I'm a bad citizen?) until I received a brochure from the state about some state issues that were being voted on.  I have only ever voted when there was a presidential election or a major recall election and have never really paid attention to anything else.

After reading about the issues and deciding I gave a few shits, I realized I should probably vote.  Election day is November 5th.  I researched the issues some more, and by researched I mean read the brochure that the state sent me, especially focusing on rationale for or against a particular amendment or proposition.  I definitely did not over exert myself here.

Then I had to struggle bus my way to figure out where I needed to go to cast my vote, but I was saved when I received a mail in ballot.  Score for not having try and navigate government websites! Thank you Colorado for realizing how lazy I am and delivering my ballot to my door.

The main benefit of the mail-in ballot for me was that I was able to research every single issue and candidate before I cast my vote. I did my research on neutral sites and canidate webpages. I tried to stay away from the extremists on both sides of the issues. When all was said and done, I voted the way that I felt was right, and boy did it feel good to vote on what I thought was right and not what a political party was telling me to vote for.

Once I was done voting, I placed my ballot into the envelope, slapped 66 cents worth of stamps on that bad boy, and dropped it into the mailbox.  It was that easy.  For those of you who may be a little cheap, you could drop it off at select locations for free.

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The whole process was easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So if you haven't voted in a non-presidential election, I urge you to vote next week.  What takes a few minutes of your time could have a significant impact on the future, plus it is kind of your duty as a citizen.  And I recommend signing up for mail-in ballots, you will receive one every time there is an election, annnnnd if you feel like that time around you would rather vote in person for that election, you can discard your mail in ballot and do that!

Happy Voting!


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