Friday, October 25, 2013

Is Your Brain Plugged In?

"Is your brain plugged in?" would be what my boss asked me after only being at work yesterday for 45 minutes.  I had managed to screw up three different experiments, but at least two were fixable.  The third one was not, and it is a 14 hour experiment

So the moral of the story is when I screw up, I screw up big time.  I will be spending this afternoon from 3pm until Saturday morning at 5am at work.  Talk about a wild Friday night.  You better believe I am bringing along a blanket and using my second monitor to watch Netflix in my down time.

I should have known is was going to be a rough week when I read this fortune on Sunday.

 photo chinesefortune_zps0efea9a9.jpg

Seriously, what the hell does that mean?  I am going to die soon? Am I going to get abducted?  Is it metaphorical? Is something terrible going to happen, and I'm going to have to work through it alone?  No matter what it means, I am going to live in fear for the next few months.  

Well I got way off topic, although I am not too sorry about it. I needed to tell somebody about my creepy fortune cookie.  Now back on topic.

Even if I am having a rough week, at least it is not as bad as the week this engineer had.  If you don't watch the video (which is a poor choice), he attempted to blow up a dead beached whale with a half ton of dynamite.  And it didn't quite work as he planned. Silly, silly engineer.  

Have a great Friday!  Hopefully it is better than the engineers!


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