Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Little Bro is 21!

As you probably already know, today is Father's day, but what you don't know is that it is my brothers 21st birthday!  Happy Birthday Douglas!

And since I don't get to spend any time today with two of the most important boys men in my life, I figured I would give them a shout out on the blog and reminisce about my 21st birthday because honestly I wish I was getting to celebrate my 21st birthday again.

Happy Father's Day, Pops!  I am so incredibly thankful that you're a part of my life.  I could not be the woman I am today without you!

 photo dadandI_zpsad4ff309.jpg

I cannot wait to celebrate your 21st birthday with you, Doug!  But for the time being, I will share with everyone a glimpse at the happenings of my 21st birthday!

Fortunately for me, my 21st birthday fell on a Friday which meant I could go out Thursday at midnight, and Friday night and have Saturday and Sunday to recover.  Thursday night, I went to a piano bar in downtown Indy.  There is no cover for college students so literally half of Butler is there, and it is one huge party.

My sorority sisters scavenged up the money to get me on stage for my birthday.  I thought they were just going to sing a simple song, and I could dance along and then get off stage.  But oh boy was I wrong.  Instead, I was forced given the opportunity to spin the birthday wheel.  Seriously, look at that wheel. There is very little a person would willingly do, but I spun the wheel anyways.

 photo 214_zps6346921a.jpg

I was given the pleasure of playing the "Inflate the Condom Game".  The rules were that I had to blow up a condom and get it to explode on stage within 30 seconds.  If I did so, I could get a free shot.  Oh, and they were kind enough to give me a flavored condom - chocolate.  It is highly unlikely that it tasted anything at all like real chocolate.

 photo 212_zps6a1a94c3.jpg
My reaction to "Inflate The Condom Game"

Though I wasn't really sure I wanted to inflate a chocolate condom on stage, looking at the wheel I knew there were options that were much worse.  A girl later in the night got "Take Off Bra".  So I grabbed the condom and just blew into it like I was blowing up a balloon.  If I was going to embarrass my self on stage, I better win a free shot out of it!

 photo 213_zps48d6ca93.jpg
Maybe not my classiest moment.
Fortunately after less than 10 seconds,  the condom popped!  The MC/pianist/man on stage didn't believe that I could have popped it that fast, but I showed him the hole.  He awarded me with a free shot.  Now, I thought this free shot was going to be something that I could choose, but I was wrong.  I was awarded a free shot of Jager.  Now if you are saying "Mmmmm", all the power to you, but Jager elicits a vomit response in me.  I expressed to the man on a stage that I did not think Jager was a good idea, but he told me that it was Jager or nothing.  So unwilling to pass up a free shot, I took the Jager on stage and luckily for those in the first row, I did not vom it back up.

 photo 215_zpsb0dff851.jpg

We closed the bar that night and then proceeded to HotBox Pizza next door where I kindly asked the cashier if I could have a free order of Stix for my birthday because I didn't have any money. (My friends had advised to leave my money at home)  I even showed him my ID.  Most of my friends were eating pizza, but they weren't exactly sharing with me.  He turned me down, and I slowly sulked towards the front door to wait for the shuttle without my stix.  Thankfully, my friend Leslie came to the rescue and bought me Stix and cheese sauce.  It may be one of the best birthday gifts that a friend has ever given me!

Douglas, this post was supposed to be about you so I hope that your 21st birthday is as great as mine!


  1. i couldn't drink jaeger if it were the only thing offered and i was desperate to get drunk. i'd still say no thank you. that shit is NASTY.

  2. Haha. I was very surprised that my body did not immediately reject it right there on stage!